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As your Health and Well-Being Coach I will create a strategy that will target your specific concerns and needs. One that is designed to fit into your lifestyle and is easy to obtain and maintain while you achieve your objectives and goals.




While spending decades working and advising others in the corporate realm, I acquired effective tools and techniques that will promote and bring forth maximum productivity to your endeavors. You will be inspired, creative, plugged in and  invigorated as you conquer your fears and recognize your innate,  intuitive abilities to create, build and manifest your successful business.


As a Spiritual Medium I will apply my intuitive insights and wisdom to help guide you towards healing the issues, anxieties and past traumas that have prevented you from manifesting your passions and purpose in life. Learn how to tune into your innate intuitive abilities and access the healing powers that already exist within you.


With Yoga and Meditation, I will introduce you to the most remarkable part of your being. Your Vital Force Energy also, known as your Prana.

Learn how to utilize your breath and increase the flow of energy while releasing toxins and tension in your body and mind.


With Meditation you will learn how to clear your mind from incessant negative chatter. 

My Reiki (pronounced ray-kee) certification enables me to to use a century old Japanese technique that will help reduce stress and promote healing and relaxation.

Every client is unique.  All services are customized to individual needs.

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