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There I was, believing the life I was living was perfect.  I was an executive at an oil company, physically healthy and active with a fulfilling social life. I was traveling and living what I thought was a charmed life until I started to develop signs of an illness and was told by surgeons that I had less than 20 days to live. Those words were unfathomable for my brain to compute. Life as I knew it was coming to an end. I was going to die.

Endless questions began stirring within me. Why did this happen to me?  Was there a purpose to my life? Who Am I?  Is life done with me?

I vowed to find the answers. 

After years of painstaking surgeries and recuperation, I traveled throughout the world studying with many “masters” “experts” and “gurus” in search of answers. Despite their proclaimed techniques, I was still feeling lost, confused, alone, anxious, and helpless and yet there were undeniable feelings deep within my core that seemed to be speaking to me. As I began to tune into these messages the answers to my questions were being revealed. 


The life I had been living was a LIE.


My life was filled with deceptions and warped perceptions. I realized my old patterns and beliefs had stemmed from a lifetime of being influenced by what society and others told me to do and be. I needed to unlearn what had for years been embedded in my mind and dig deeper into the darkest, most agonizing layers within my soul to unearth my truth.

I started to cultivate and listen to what I eventually identified as being my “inner voice”, a higher intelligence with ideas and directives that eventually led me to a path of incredible enlightenment. It was an indescribable source of power that brought forth an infinite wealth of knowledge. As I followed this inner compass, a resounding feeling of hope, peace, and security became my new reality. I was connecting with my soul.

It was Astonishing! I felt free from the shackles that were weighing my heart, mind, and spirit down and preventing me from becoming the person I was born to be. As I continued to listen, believe, and trust in myself, the destructive, self-sabotaging old patterns and habits began to fade out of my life. I re-connected with my authentic self and discovered genuine peace, fun, and love. Becoming whole again was transforming and remarkable!


We will shed light on your truth and make sense of your story.  You will learn techniques that will help you organize your life as you discover your direction and purpose. I will lead you to successfully achieve your desired passions and aspirations regardless of your past challenges and traumas. The gifts you have to give are multitudinous! It is time for you to know and express the fullness and richness of how wonderful and magnificent you are!






Born and raised in Long Island, New York, Patricia graduated from Hofstra University with a degree in Sociology. After working for years at an oil company, Patricia traveled the world and owned a successful jewelry business from Florence, Italy titled P.Raffe Collections. During this time, she continued her studies with masterful teachers and acquired ancient wisdom that led her to create Stop Living the Lie. Patricia's clients have deemed her to be a Lifestyle Paramedic who specializes in...

  • Intuitive and Spiritual Advising

  • Health and Well-Being Consulting

  • Business and Motivational Coaching

  • Plus One Event Consulting

She also holds certifications in Yoga, Reiki, and Personal Training. Patricia continues to teach her techniques to clients of all ages and genders throughout the country.

Every client is unique.  All services are customized to individual needs.

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