It is impossible to overstate the impact Patricia Raffe has had on my life. Starting out working with me in the role of a Reiki practioner, her value has transcended the parameters of pain relief to include that of a life coach, healer, as well as a mental and spiritual advisor. Under her wise and inspired counsel, I've undergone a significant physical and spiritual transformation. Ms.Raffe's practice, which emphasizes the inseparable connection between mind, body and soul, has allowed me to attain a mental clarity that has not only elevated and broadened my consciousness but...has also enabled me to visualize my place in the universe and cosmos. For that alone I am indebted to her and will forever be grateful for her place in my life.


Patricia Raffe really helped me grow, as a person and a human being. She is very insightful, and sometimes, very direct, but she gets to the heart of the issue at hand. This can be challenging, but growth is a process and the path is not always an easy one. She can help shine a light and offer a direction that maybe you haven't thought to take.

I was having a troubling relationship with my sister. We had not spoken or socialized for some years. Patricia changed that by offering a way of reaching out...And it worked!! My relationship is closer and stronger with my sister, than it ever was before.

So, I do recommend seeking advice, counsel and direction from Patricia. Especially if you are feeling “stuck”. She really helped me, and I know, if you are open to new ideas, she can help you too!


I feel so fortunate to have crossed paths with such an Incredible person.  Patricia Raffe came into my life when I was at my most vulnerable.  In quiet moments I often can't help but think, how did I get so lucky? I truly believe she is an Angel, my Angel!! Only a selfless, humble, compassionate person could ever accomplish what she has done for me.  Thank you for all of your passion, warmth, love & HOPE!!!! You are PRICELESS!!!


Patricia is as wonderful a person (soul) as I have known. She is insightful, warm-hearted, and real. She has an innate sense of the human condition and how to help people get back on their true path. Patricia has helped inspire me, I am fortunate to have met her.


To be touched, hugged, counseled, motivated, inspired and loved by Patricia; a phenomenal woman, a   mentor and an a authentic motivational coach and friend generates and radiates such joy, a great sense of being, acceptance and satisfaction that restores and implants a meaningful impact and Influence in my life. She possesses and displays a very positive attitude towards life and her work. Her great attributes, qualities and kindness leave me in awe; hence, without any hesitation, I shall always honor her and acknowledge her as my 'ANGEL'  Utter respect and appreciation.


Patricia's someone who will lighten your day by just her presence. She is someone who will always listen to you, talk to you about all your life problems and not ever judge you. She brings joy and enthusiasm to your life with just a short conversation. Her flamboyant and charismatic character has always shown me how lovely life is, how to forever embrace life, to love and care for myself, and how important that is. I've learned so much from her that I carry with me day to day. I see her as the older sister I never had, and am so grateful I have crossed paths with her.